Interview with Carmen

Q: How long have you been a webcam model?

A: 3 months.

Q: Why did you start webcamming?

A: I started because I wanted to increase my confidence and help me grow as a person as well as make extra money on the side.

Q: Is being a webcam model what you expected when you joined?

A: Yeah. I would say it's what I expected when I joined. Everybody's been supportive. I've made some friends through the group chat and through webcamming. My confidence has increased dramatically and I just think everything it's said to be, it is. You're not given false beliefs. You're given support 24/7. It's amazing.

Q: What do you enjoy about webcamming?

A: I really enjoy getting to know the other camgirls. They're so nice and so easy to get along with and I also really enjoy just exploring different areas of people's fantasies and being able to work with them. It's definitely interesting.

Q: What was your favourite/funniest moment or request?

A: My funniest moment or request would probably have been an email requesting to fill a bottle of spit up halfway and the guy would have paid me a 1000 pounds for it. I just found it quite funny and strange. It's a strange request. It's got to be the top one yet.

Q: How has your experience with Diamond Elite been?

A: The applying process was dead easy. I thought it was going to be long and complicated but the manager of my group, I could contact her 24/7 with any questions and the process was really quick. After that the support has been amazing. I feel like I've bonded with the manager quite a lot. She's able to answer questions you have about anything. And if you've had a bad day, it's just really good you can have people in the same work area to talk to also.

Q: What would your advice be for someone who is thinking about becoming a webcam model?

A: Go for it. You never know unless you try. It is nerve-wracking at the start, but when you get past the first couple of the shows you'll realise the control is in your hands. You will meet amazing friends in the group chat. It will be an experience you wouldn't regret.


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