Why You Shouldn't Accept PayPal As A Payment Method For Adult Services

Some customers may ask if you accept payments through PayPal. While these offers can be tempting there are several drawbacks if you were to accept them.

1. Personal Information

When a transaction is made through PayPal the customer receives various personal details, including your name and address.

2. PayPal Do Not Take Kindly To Adult Services

PayPal notoriously oppose any kind of adult-related payments. If they find out you have accepted a payment for adult services they will delete your account. While you may get away with it for the short term, their complicated systems and algorithms will eventually catch you out.

3. Permanent Ban

Not only will PayPal delete your account, they offer no second chances. They will ban you from using their services for life, which means you can no longer pay for items on eBay or Amazon with PayPal, or order any tasty takeaways from JustEat or Papa Johns!

4. Chargebacks

PayPal are all about their customers - the person who is utilising their service to pay you. The buyer can get an instant refund at the click of a button. You have no say in this and will only find out you have been scammed when you notice that your PayPal balance has dropped to zero.

5. They Will Keep Your Money

If PayPal find out you have been accepting payments for adult services they can, and will keep your money. At minimum they may freeze your account for several months while it is investigated before they ban you.

6. The Type Of Customers

Most people who are only willing to use PayPal have good reason for doing so - they have most likely been banned from cam sites for being time wasters or scammers.

Webcam sites invest a lot of time and money ensuring their payment systems are up to date, work properly and are secure. If someone is offering you payments via an external method, think about why they need to do this and what they are gaining from it. The only valid reasons are that they have been banned by the webcam site, or they want to remain in control of the money once you have provided the service, so they can claim it back.

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