Loser's A Statue

What I'm about to tell you is one of the best roleplays I've ever had to do!

One fetish in the Webcamming community is SPH - this stands for Small Penis Humiliation. It is one of my favourite kind of shows to perform!

This roleplay took place over the phone (I offer Webcam & Phone Chat! A good way to top up your earnings). Basically, the guy on the end of the phone has a small penis, and wanted me to tell him so. He then wanted to convince me that his penis is adequate and could make me orgasm, but I had to laugh at him, and make him feel as inadequate as I could while he tried. I started with 'Is it in yet?'. It was great fun!

The first person to come was turned into a statue for a whole year! Of course I made him feel silly for even thinking that he would he make me orgasm! And told him how I would make him a permanent fixture in my bedroom when he loses and turns into a glorious statue... which he did.

This man finished the call by telling me how amazing I was, how it was the best roleplay he'd ever had and proceeded to leave me feedback stating the exact same thing! This is when I settled into my role of 'Roleplay Queen'.

Alyssa xx

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