Interview With Sienna

Q: How long have you been a webcam model?

A: I've been webcamming for about three weeks now.

Q: Why did you start webcamming?

A: I started because I needed a little extra money to help towards my student loan and knew I would've good at this because of the outgoing personality that I have.

Q: Is being a webcam model what you expected when you joined?

A: It's better than what I expected when I joined, and I really like doing it.

Q: What do you enjoy about webcamming?

A: I enjoy the fact that I get to speak to lots of different guys, it makes it more fun!

Q: What was your favourite/funniest moment or request?

A: My favourite moment of it all would just have to be chatting with people. Some of the guys want to just chat to you normally before asking anything sexual, it's sweet of them haha.

Q: How has your experience with Diamond Elite been?

A: My experience of Diamond Elite has been fabulous! And the support has been the same. It was so easy to sign up and get started and I also know that whenever I need any help I can just give you a message on WhatsApp and you'll help me out straight away. It's so lovely the little community of people.

Q: What would your advice be for someone who is thinking about becoming a webcam model?

A: Just go for it! I was hesitant at first starting up but it really boosts your confidence getting so many compliments, getting tips and if you do work hard enough you can earn some good money.


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