Interview with Jane

Q: How long have you been webcamming?

A: 3 1/2 months.

Q: Is it what you expected when you joined?

A: No I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

Q: What do you enjoy about it?

A: I enjoy talking to people about there fetishes and they love to watch you put on a show.

Q: What was your favourite/funniest moment or request?

A: I got asked to smoke a cigarette and blow it at the camera while I humiliated him about his small cock .

Q: How has your experience with Diamond Elite been?

A: I find Elle amazing for support always there to help when needed has great patience with us all and keeps us updated at all times.

Q: What would your advice be for someone who is thinking about starting?

A: I would say if you lack confidence in yourself it’s great to find it through here, most of the guys give you so many lovely comments which makes you feel wanted and needed. They are good company if you are lonely as most are great men who are genuinely interested in good conversation and are lonely themselves.

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