What To Expect As A Webcam Model

Webcamming is my full time job and I like to work on a split shift kind of rota, so my experience will be different to those who choose to do longer shifts, or just a few hours a day or week.

When you work from home it can be difficult to get yourself motivated. What I do to get myself motivated is visualise what I'm aiming for and look over my daily earning goal. As I said, I like to work in the style of split shifts, so I will do various chores or maybe go to lunch or dinner with a friend in between "shifts".

As a camgirl, never expect your days to be the same! You could have one day full of group sessions, one day full of private sessions, one day full of shorter sessions, one day full of longer sessions! As they say, variety is the spice of life, and I love that my work varies day-to-day.

Most clients want to get up to something naughty, this can be anything from a mutual play or a saucy roleplay. Others just want to chat and get to know you which is nice. I've had a few sessions that last a good few hours, and at 2.99 a minute I can't complain!

There are so many different kinks and fetishes out there, things I never even knew existed until I started camming! And some of them are so enjoyable to perform.

Alyssa xx

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