3 Myths About Webcamming

1. It's easy money.

The number one thing we hear constantly about this industry is that Webcamming is easy money and you can spend all your time sitting in front of your computer chatting away and making thousands. This is simply not true. There is a lot of money to be made in Webcamming, more than your minimum wage 9-5 but it's not get rich quick. It does require time and effort, and as it is an adult-orientated business, you will be asked for sexual things.

2. The guys are seedy!

Not true! Yes you may get a few bad ones, but 99.9% of the clients you will come across are lovely, ordinary, day-to-day guys who just want to enjoy themselves with a girl online! You'll probably be surprised to find out that you will find guys as young as 18 looking for camgirls, as well as the older guys.

3. You have to have fake boobs, a big ass, big lips and an hourglass figure.

Not true! You do not have to look like a traditional glamour model to be successful on cam! Although if that's what you want to achieve then go for it! But no, you can be very successful on webcam whether you look like a glamour model or look like the girl next door. It's all to do with your personality, what you can offer your customers, consistency, and the effort you put into your shows.

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